Dilip donate 100 PPE equipment for health workers, lambast state government to hide the data


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Doctors, nurses and health workers involved in the treatment of Corona in West Medinipur district are afraid that they do not have enough equipment for their personal protection during the treatment of Corona.  Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee announced that she had distributed lakhs of instruments but nothing reached here, which doctors and nurses from Kolkata and many other places are opposing. Speaking on Monday, during a meeting with the Principal of Medinipur Medical College, Medinipur MP and BJP State President Dilip Ghosh said state and central governments have made several arrangements to deal with the corona virus, but the Chief Minister of Bengal is only talking about money. How many people have died in the state due to the virus, it is keeping the people of the state in darkness . In hospitals, orders are being given that even after death due to the virus, death is due to pneumonia. By hiding the truth in this way, the Chief Minister is increasing terror among the people of the state and he requested the government to let the people know the truth. He told that the Central Government and several State Governments have announced compensation to the families of those who died from Corona, in such a way, when the Bengal Government does not believe that there has been a death from Corona, then how will their families get compensation. 1700 crore help has come from the center, but it is not being accepted that no one knows where this money is going. Apart from this, Dilip Ghosh alleged that when he wanted to meet the DM, she refused to meet. Dilip brought with him 100 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits which he handed over to the Principal. Dilip flagged off at the District Party Office on the occasion of BJP’s 40th Foundation Day. Dilip reached Kharagpur in the evening and left for Kolkata distributing relief material to the people at Inda and Debalpur in this occasion speaking to media he blamed state govt for insufficient food grains given by ration.


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