Ganesh returned home defeating Corona, wave of happiness Ganesha was the first corona patient of West Medinipur district.

reportby raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Ganesh’s homecoming victory over Corona is a wave of joy all over Daspur. Ganesh came back today from ID Hospital kolkata to Nizampur village in Daspur in ambulance and got excited by reaching home. Ganesh exclaims to people, saying that Corona can be conquered provided that treatment is taken at the right time. He hoped that his father and wife would also return home soon after recovering. Ganesh is a gold artisan who returned home from Mumbai at the time of lockdown and was the first corona patient of West Medinipur district. Presently, his father and wife are also undergoing treatment for Corona, after Ganesh’s departure, the police is sealing Nizampur village. There was a wave of happiness in the village.  there was total four corona positive patients in West Medinipur district including three of Ganesh’s family and one Belda’s aged person. Here the state government has made it mandatory to wear the mask in public place.


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