Griffins International School Employees Donate to Corona, deep mahila samity fed the people


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Teaching and non-teaching employees of Griffins International School have decided to donate one day’s salary to the Prime Minister’s Care Fund to help the Corona victims. School Chairman Abhishek Kumar Yadav has also called upon the students’ parents to extend support to fight corona. For Corona victims, Abhishek will give his 50,000 sq ft building near Kalaikunda to the administration for a quarantine home. Abhishek said that when we knew the SDO was looking for a place for quarantine, he proposed to give his place. Kharagpur SDO Vaibhav Chaudhary has also inspected the place in which drinking water, toilets, etc. are available.


Deep Mahila Samiti, fed to drivers, khalasis & other poors near Rupnarayanpur toll plaza on Satur Samity chairman Laxmi said that since the beginning of the committee’s lockdown, food is being made for the poor in the national highway and other places every day.


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