Health workers of private nursing homes are facing social boycott, Decision to postpone general services of nursing home


repory by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Health workers of private nursing homes have become untouchable since the treated patient is corona positive. While health workers are getting praise for their work, there are many places where the workers & their families member ​​are being boycotted. Officials of a private nursing home in Medinipur town told the press conference today, saying that people still have a lot of curse due to which people are working in their nursing homes and even they are being seen with strange eyes. A total of 127 people of the home are objecting to entering his village houses, social boycott is being done, untouchables are being seen from the eyes of the people. That the family of health workers is also being treated as untouchable, SP Dinesh Kumar of West Medinipur district said that action will be taken if such a complaint is regist.before the elderly of Belda police station got coronated in Bhubaneswar, medical treatment was done in the said nursing home in Medinipur due to which people want to keep distance from nursing home workers. However, the said 70-year-old patient is doing health benefits in Bhubaneswar. After the incident, a total of 19 people have been sent to the Quarantine and investigated in which all have been found negative even though no one is willing to listen to it. Nursing home management says that keeping in mind the patients in the current condition, only the dialysis and diagnostic centers will remain open while the rest of the nursing home service will be open.


Here drone camera is being used by West Medinipur District Police to keep an eye on the situation of the lockdown. It is to be known that after getting the corona infected case, 2 villages of Nizampur of Daspur and Sauri village of Dantan have been completely sealed
Where people are prohibited from leaving the house, the police is constantly monitoring the activities of the people of the village with the help of drone camera, in many areas of Medinipur city, people are being monitored with the help of drone camera and Police are taking action against those who do not follow the lockdown.

Quarantaine to five people related to the same family in Matangini Hazra block of Tamluk in East Medinipur district Not Sent known that 80-year-old Pan businessmen were found already five Corona positive in the family. In East Medinipur district, 8 people have recovered in total 21 corona positive while 13 are being treated, out of which 4 are being treated in Kolkata and the remaining 9 in Chandipur and Panshakura in the rast medinipur district.


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