Kharagpur’s Vishwa Bharati Citizen Society serving anti-corona tea, Anti corona tea is made by mixing domestic spices


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, 11 april For increasing immunity power among the people,  Vishwabharati Citizen Society of new settlement is distributing anti-corona tea in different places of Kharagpur in Toto. Society’s K Srikkanth is an ex army and currently railway worker now serving to doctors, health department, sanitation department, media, police and other essential services employees working in Lockdown.  Srikanth said that corona cannot be controlled directly by the use of this tea, but it is helpful in increasing the disease resistant power, which will help in avoiding the outbreak of epidemics. Herbal teas are actually flavonoids which are beneficial for the body in many ways. It provides essential anti-oxidants which prevents damage from free radicals. At present, free distribution is being done by the organization and if the response would good, then Rs 10 per cup of tea will be available for public. Srikanth says that the health department’s permission has been taken for tea distribution. He said that ginger, mint, cinnamon, ajwain, saunth etc have been used for tea. It can also be used as milk tea with or lemon tea.


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