police arrest 26 lockdown breakers seized five vehicles,Ambedkar remained neglected due to lockdown


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, In Kharagpur town the police campaigned against those who broke the lockdown rules on tuesday night and arrested  26 people while four two-wheelers and a four-wheeler were seized. led by Kharagpur SDO Vaibhav Chaudhary and ASP Qazi Shamsuddin Ahmed, police raid in Inda, Malancha, Jhapatpur, Golebazar & some others areas of Kharagpur town. ASP Qazi Shamsuddin Ahmed said that the police will now take action against the lockdown breakers even in the day time, with the help of magistrate police raid will be conducted and no one would be spared. He called upon the residents to fully follow the lockdown.


Here this morning, swaraj  Roychowdhry, incharge, kharida TOP took action to follow the lockdown in kharida market, people were told to maintain social distancing and made a rounding in front of shops and banks and asked the vegetable vendors to sell the vegetables by keeping distance.

Ambedkar statue continued cleanliness even after garland

Ambedkar, who was neglected on the occasion of Abedkar’s 129th birth anniversary due to lockdown in Ambedkar Park in front of Kharagpur town thana. despite garlanding the statue of Ambedkar was cleaned.  park management committee couldn’t clean up statue due to lockdown. After initiative of the police administration in the afternoon, the statue was cleaned, however, by then some people had garlanded incuding mla pradip sarkar & committee member.  At noon the park was cleaned and the statue was also washed thoroughly with water, after which the  police garlanded & pay homage.


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