Protest in Medinipur demanding change of quarantine site 8 people coming from Bhubaneswar sent to Quarantine


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Due to peoples protest Police relocate the quarantine centre. 3 health workers of Medinipur town was at a lodge in Sheikhpura, Medinipur.
Here, due to the lockdown, 8 laborers from Murshidabad, trapped in Bhubaneswar, left for their houses four dats ago  on foot reached on saturday. On arrival in Medinipur, police recovered everyone and sent them to Quarantine. 8 workers from Bhubaneswar Infocity to Gobar village in Murshidabad left on foot from Bhubaneswar to avoid starvation.


On reaching Medinipur, the traffic guard  stopped all 8 and took them to Pakutia, a temporary quarantine home in Medinipur. All these people are being arranged for checkup due to the traffic  police officer Mrinal Kanti Sikdar made by the district administration. On receiving the news, DSP of Mednipur, Savyasachi Sengupta and Medinipur Kotwali police station in-charge Parthapratim Pal reached the spot and decided to send him to a 14-day quarantine camp. However, the investigation found no trace of Kovid 19. It is a matter of discussion that amidst the strictness of the lockdown, how the group of 8 workers crossed the Orissa border and reached so far.


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