Rajesh reached Kharagpur with his son from Vellore, ambulamnce chargrd ra 1 lakh, Rahul is suffering from cancer


             report by raghu & rownak
Kharagpur, Due to the non treatment for the cancer-affected son due to the lockdown and the inconvenience of eating and living, the father booked a one lakh rupees ambulance and returned to his hometown with son and breathed a sigh of relief.  Rajesh Babu, who lives in Nimapura Rail Quarter of Kharagpur, went to Vellore in Tamil Nadu for treatment with his 23-year-old unwell son Rahul on March 6 at CMC Hospital on March 20, it was found that Rahul’s throat was first Stage cancer.


The treatment started for Rahul when the lockdown started, after which the doctors refused to treat him. Then somehow after being in Vellore for 40 days, Rajesh was forced to book an ambulance and returned to Kharagpur on Wednesday with his unwell son. Rajesh told that the doctors did not treat them saying that the immunity power of cancer patients is low & we can’t, admitted new patient due to corona. so there was no option left except to bring back the son. He told that the ambulance fare was one lakh, while lodge rent or other expenses for about 40 days stay in Vellore was Rs 1.5 lakh due to which he had to come back.

He told that there was a lot of problem of eating and drinking, Rahul is Rajesh’s elder son and studies in Bhubaneshwar while the younger daughter studies in Kharagpur. Rajesh says that after consulting the railway doctors here, he will further arrange for Rahul’s treatment.


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