ration dealer arrested, licence cancelled in sabang


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, A ration dealer arrested by medinipur kotwali ps allegedly corruption while another dealers licence suspend in sabang. On Sunday morning, near Kalaikunda station, the BJP workers grudgingly stopped the trucks alleging that there were no stickers in the trucks, there was a possibility of smuggling of rice.  BJP state leader Tushar Mukherjee said that the trucks were stopped in view of the possibility of smuggling of ration sent by the central government. The food department suspended ration dealer named Gurupad Maity ‘ licence under the Khagragadia krishi unnayan samity.  the major disparity was found in the dealer’s book balance and physical balance, under which rice was reduced by about 22.5 quintals, wheat 28.9 quintals and flour by 1.554 quintals.


The beneficiaries of the villages were denied ration. Apart from this, the dealer also did not maintain ration card accounts and daily sales accounts. He did not even set up a sufficient notice board and did not give any information about the Annapurna list to the people. After the allegations were found true, Kharagpur Mahakama Food Officer Kabirul Islam revoked the license.Here, after protest against the dealer, Medinipur Kotwali police had to take the ration shop owner and his two sons into custody. The said incident is from Balbandighi village of Banpura Gram Panchayat. where the anger of the people against the ration dealer named Sheikh Mohammed Iliyaz erupted when he was giving ration less than the prescribed quantity. when the people protested police reached there and after convincing the people, they pacified a. got bail due to the patronage of the ruling party.


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