Sanitary shower for railway workers in Kharagpur, Smugglers took teeth, allegedy killing elephant

report by raghunath sahu

Kharagpur, To ensure the safety of railway employees and officers working during the Lockdown, a sanitary shower has been installed by Kharagpur Division of South Eastern Railway.  shower has been installed in the crew lobby at Bogda of Kharagpur station. All the employees and officers on duty will have to pass through the crew lobby, during this time, the water of the shower will fall on their body so that virus will be destroyed. Despite the lockdown, the railway has to work in some important department including the driver, guard of the goods train. Deepak Sharma, SSE,Water Works, Kharagpur Division, said that the above mixture had been prepared by adding 1 ppm sodium hydrochloride per thousand liters of water, which will destroy all kinds of bacteria present on the body in a few seconds.


Smugglers took teeth allegedly killing elephant
Kharagpur, Dead bodies of anelephant have been found in Jamboni forest area of ​​Jhargram, ivory smugglers have removed the teeth forest department is worried about incident in Junglemahal. The said incident took place in the bakra forest of Jamboni police station near the Jharkhand border. Seeing the body of this middle-aged elephant, the people of the village informed the forest department aftet that the elephant’s body has been recovered and sent for PM, after which it will be found that the elephant was killed or natural death.Teeth were removed from the carcass of the elephant after death or death. A herd of about two dozen elephants crossing the Swarnarekha River resched bengal from Jhakhand. villagers worried about the destruction of rural crops and vegetables by elephant.


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