Sanitization done in Panchbedia, long queues in banks Queues, vandalism even in the liquor shops


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, In view of the horrors of Corona, the municipality has sanitized the Panchberia area. Chairman Pradip Sarkar himself monitored the area . Many people from that area have been sent to Quarantine. People were alerted and frightened after the revelation of nizamuddin maulvis & translators were stayed in mosques.


Long queues were seen in the banks  this morning after three days closing. There was a huge crowd of pensioners and Jan dhan account holders for money withdrawal. In Debra, people had laid a stone line in front of the banks from five o’clock in the morning .

Here, in the village of Bagbere on Ghatal-Ranichak road of Daspur police station in West Medinipur district, there was a queue of liquor after hearing the shop will open today after the lockdown.  Bagbede is located in the same police station where the police sealed Nizampur village after Corona was affected.

In spite of the government refusal in the situation of lockdown, the sale of liquor was going on in Balighai of Egra police station in East Medinipur district. on information, the police reached there and pacified the protesting people and detained one. It may be known that the hotspot has been identified for Corona in Egra, East Medinipur district.


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