Saurav and Swati tied the knot with mask, Lockdown did not become an obstacle, New couple will feed poor instead of party 31 thousand support to Bang Yuva Shakti


                report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Sourav and Swati met about four years ago & loved to each other.  Both families agreed to recognize the love marriage. They applied for court marriage. On March 13, the wedding was decided in the traditional way, the bride’s family reached Kharagpur from Jhargram, but right before the marriage saurav mother’s become unwell & marriage was postponed.


Due to lockdown, Sourav, who runs a hotel in Malancha, started supporting local youth organization Bang Yuva Shakti, who arranges food for 500 poor people every morning and evening in Talbagicha and surrounding areas. Meanwhile, both the families decided to get married on 16 th april, local councilor Jahar Pal talked to the administration and fixed the marriage. 

on Thursday night both Saurav and Swati tied the knot in Mansa temple located in Saurav’s house. police present there to see social distancing. And there were only a few people from both sides.

The couple handed over Rs 31 thousand to local councilor Jahar Pal and Bang Yuva Shakti chief Asit Pal. Councilor Jahar Pal said that he was happy with the marriage of a fatherless poor girl. The couple’s support for the poor was commendable, wished them for happy marriage life.


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