kharagpur, In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, South Eastern Railway has started manufacturing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kit for railway doctors, paramedical staff, nurses and health care personnel. This is being manufactured mainly at Kharagpur Workshop and Divisional Unit under Divisional Railway Manager of Kharagpur, SER. The PPE Kits include Face Cover, Eye Shield, NS-95 Mask, Coverall Gown with Hood, Shoe Cover, Gloves etc.
Kharagpur Workshop has just begun to manufacture PPE Kits, and has produced 52 PPE Kits till now in guidance of chiefworks manager, suvendu kumar chowdhry while Kharagpur Divisional Unit has produced 20 Kits with the help of HUNAR, a women’s social organisation. As many as 72 PPE Kits have been produced so far by the SER. The entire manufacturing process is undertaken as per the approved Quality Assurance Plan and the production will be made as per requirement.
Before starting of work, the workplace is cleaned and sanitised. The workmen are screened for any symptoms of COVID-19 and are allowed to start work after hand washing. They are maintaining social distancing in workplace and are counselled to use hand sanitizer at frequent intervals.
SER is venturing in this In-house Production which requires extreme care. Not only the stitching is to be seamless but it requires special tape and taping machine. The artisan and technicians involved in production of PPE Kits, have been kept in separate workplace to avoid cross contamination.


After stitching of the PPEs, they are sealed with special #M tapes. Each PPE is given a unique code which is marked with indelible ink on the underneath side of the hood.
The PPE is sealed in poly pack bags and further packed in cartoon packs of 8 numbers each for despatch to various hospitals of South Eastern Railway.

SER has put its all out efforts to produce high quality PPE Kit which is equivalent to the best available PPE Kit in India. Railway technicians have been motivated on making these PPE Kits to deal with this health crisis in the wake of COVID-19.
‘We have got order to make 1000 ppe kits,womens are making kits in hunar under serwwo’ said pro of kgp divn. serwwo president Priya pradhan told addressing  rhe press in hunar office we are glad to serve people in this panedemic.


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