SP inaugurates sanitizer channel in Medinipur police line Lockdown breakers will be punished Calendar, T-shirt and sticker will be used for awareness


                report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, The Saniizer Channel inaugurated in Medinipur district police line on wednesday police will use calendar, T-shirt and sticker for the lockdown awareness.  West Medinipur District Superintendent of Police Dinesh Kumar inaugurated the sanitizer channel in Medinipur police line today.


On this occasion, he said police personnel will have to pass through the sanitizer channel in the district police line. He said that the police do duty among the people throughout the day, they will be able to get protection from the shower.

Explaining the importance of the lockdown for the Corona fight, he requested to follow it and said that a calendar has been printed on Bangla New Year to ensure that it will be distributed among the people, besides T-shirt writing Stay Home Stay Safe for the Civic Police. stickers have been made for bikes which will be able to know how many times people roams unnecessarily.

He said that strict action will be taken to ensure lockdown and no concession will be given to anyone. The above services have been started in Medinipur city since Wednesday and it is expected that the said services will be implemented soon in the entire district including Kharagpur.


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