Three Imams of Kharagpur sent Quarantine, Police garlanded people to obey lockdown, BJP submitted memorandum to SDO in Satkui case


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Three more clerics from Kharagpur were sent to the Quarantine Home in Satkui in delhi jamat case All three are associated with Betul, Bilal and Idgah Mosque . police had yesterday sent a total of 9 people to Quarantine, of which 7 were Indonesian and two Indian maulvis. All these 9 people came to Kharagpur by Purva Express from Howrah, from here, they had to go to many mosques in coalfields including Asansol for preaching, but due to  lockdown, they  identifued in Satkui where these people were sent to quarantine home in rajarhat, kolkata . Since these people had also visited three mosques in Kharagpur before going to Satkui Mosque, the cleric and other officials associated with those mosques were sent to the Quarantine so that the infection would not spread.


 police garlanded the people who ignore the lockdown and branded lathi to disperse crowd inthis evening.SDO Vaibhav Chaudhary, Additional SP Kazi Shamsuddin Ahmed, SDPO Sukmal Kanti Das, Mla pradip sarkar, Raja Mukherjee, in-charge of Kharagpur town station and others were involved in the expedition which occured incident  Inda, Chhattispara, Golbazar, kharida and some other places.

Here, after the Satkui incident, the BJP delegation met SDO Vaibhav Chaudhary and demanded strict implementation of lockdown . BJP leader Premchand Jha said that the SDO had assured to consider the demand.


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