youth reached Kharagpur from Bagnan sent to Quarantine for 14 days,Queues in Medinipur for liquor sale


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Despite the lockdown, the young man who arrived on foot from Bagan to Kharagpur has been advised by the doctor to stay in Quarantine for 14 days. A 28-year-old youth living in the outhouse of the doctor of Railway Main Hospital in Ward 27 went Bagnan for work and got stuck in the lockdown. But when they had no food, the young man decided to come back to his home on foot and left for Kharagpur from Baganan on foot three days before finally reached Kharagpur, the local people took his health checkup.


Local BJP workers took him to Kharagpur Mahakama Hospital where he was asked to undergo a 14-day stay in Quarantine. The youth were also examined in the rail main hospital today. The young man is living in the outhouse with his parents. BJP leader Kartik says that the young man has a room in the outhouse in which he is staying with his parents.

Long queues in Medinipur for liquor

On Tuesday, liquor sales continued unabated in Kotbazar and Bus Stand areas of Medinipur town.   It was decided to make home delivery of liquor from Tuesday off the record. But as soon as mattter spread like a fire in the town, the people of Medinipur went straight to the liquor shops instead of taking home delivery, due to which there was a huge crowd in the shops. On information, the police reached there and threatened the shopkeepers with strict action, after which the situation improved. It is to be known that from 11 am to 2 pm, on ordering phone calls, the shopkeepers will deliver liquor to the house for which an additional amount of Rs 50 will be charged. But as soon as shop’s opened there was a long line, so the shopkeeper also started giving delivery in counter with fifty rupees extra charge. Kharagpur’s liquor lover youth says that he has booked three times in the last four days online but when and how would be delivery do not know.


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