AITUC wrote to PM, Demanded wages for contract labourers in Railway, MES, IIT etc during lockdown period


kharagpur, AITUC state Deputy GS Biplab Bhattacharya mailed a letter to PM Narendra Modi demanding wages for contract labour  during lockdown. Biplab wrote in his letter 20,000 Contract workers who undertake various regular jobs like deep skinning, packing, rail changing, signaling, Construction, electric, conservancy and sanitation etc. under South Eastern Railway, Kharagpur division as also about 15,000 contract labour Kalaikunda, West Bengal and IIT Kharagpur  conducting construction and maintenance jobs.
Lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic have rendered these workers jobless and have no income causing deep distress to their livelihood. The plight of these worker’s along with request for relief to them have already been brought to PM notice.However, AITUC requests were not look into so far.Even in spite of the advisory from the labour ministry, Government of India lockdown wages have also been paid yet.
He further requested PM to take needful steps for directing immediate payment of wages for the lockdown period to the appropriate authority and save them from ruin.


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