relief work done by uddan foundation, st. john amulance with humanity to peace


kharagpur, UDDAN FOUNDATION distributed raw food material to total 400 poor & needy people at Janata Market golebajar & Ayma on sunday.  Quazi Samsuddin Ahamed ,Additonal S.p , kgp were present in golebajar where 300 people benefitted. After getting inspiration by subhendhu adhikari, transport minister we r providing relief to toal 3000 people in kgp said aakash mehta udaan president. he said we were serving food to street dogs too throughout lockdown period. 


Through Humanity to Peace 11h phase Raw ration distrbution to 120 needy and poor family during Lock down period and create awareness among people of Soladiha Lodha para (Tribal village), Kharagpur Local by St. John Ambulance India Brigade wing, Kharagpur Ambulance Division sunday


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