74th Independence Day celebrated at KV IIT KGP


kharagpur, KV IIT KGP celebrated India’s 74th Independence Day with due pomp and circumstance.


The auspicious day began with the unfurling of the national flag by the principal Santosh Kumar Bal  together with Mrs Kalpana Majumder and  Sanat Kumar Maiti. It was followed by Jhanda geet.

After that Ms Nilima Kumari delivered a short speech on the importance of this day and how our motherland snatched freedom from the clutches of the British.

A few students too participated — some recited poems, some performed solo songs.

Dipa Dwibedi madam then gave a speech on how India can be ‘atmanirbhar’ if we all pitch in. Principal  Santosh Kumar Bal the elaborated upon the significance of Independence Day.

The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks offered by the Vice Principal Chandra Sekhar Singh.


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