Police distributed clothes to children on Independence Day, health camp organised for policeman, Kharagpur Local Thana beat Narayangarh PS 1-0 in exhibition football match


Kharagpur, On Independence Day, the police distributed clothes to the poor children and a healthcamp organised for policemen. In the exhibition football match, Kharagpur Local PS beat Narayangarh police station 1-0.  In the program organized by Kharagpur L Police Station, SP Dinesh Kumar distributed clothes to 100 children. SP told the children that the police would always take care of the interests of the children. On this occasion, about 60 policemen were tested for health.


While in the exhibition football match held near Satkui, Kharagpur Local Police defeated Narayangarh police station by 1-0,  Kharagpur Local PS OC Md Asif Sunny and Narayangarh police station in-charge Pranab Senapati also Played & showed their skill.


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