89 people arrested from kharagpur town, 254 form paschim medinipur district during frigday lockdown, life restore normalcy on satutday


Kharagpur, 89 people arrested from kharagpur town, for violating lockdown, police arrested total 254 form paschim medinipur.


Dinesh kumar sp, paschim medinipur said total 254 person arrested from district for violating lockdown till friday evening.

Kharagpur Town Police Incharge Raja Mukherjee said on friday 89 people arrested while from kgp local ps total 24 person arrested throughout the day under the leadership of Md asif sunny, oc, kgp l ps.

 on friday, people witnessed the 2nd statewide lockdown of September. Despite complete lockdown  markets, government offices including private shops and factories were also closed.

on the eve of NEET exam on sunsay lockdown of 12th september have withdrawn.




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