Amid lockdown TMC leader leaders pay homage to Goutam choube’s shahid bedi in Mandir tala burning ghat


kharagpur, Amid lockdown TMC leader Hema choube with other leaders pay homage to Goutam choube’s shahid bedi in Mandir tala burning ghat. Earlier, due to State wide lockdown on 11 th September, this year Mashal Rally and protest day was observed on 10 th September, in memory of Late Goutam Choubey.


Goutam Choubey was assassinated on 11th September, 2001 at Malancha, kharagpur. Like previous years, this year also party workers of AITC gathered at malancha and protest meeting organised under the leadership of Debasis Chowdhury.

Pradip Sarkar, MLA, Kharagpur Sadar, Ravi Shankar Pandey, Town AITC president most of the party councillor and Ward Presidents were present. Later a mashaal rally marched from malancha to mandirtala burning ghat where party workers participated.



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