KHARAGPUR VIKASH MANCH org a blood donation camp, satyadeo claimed to org a medical camp also in near future


kharagpur,  KHARAGPUR VIKASH MANCH org a blood donation camp where KGP SDH collected Total – 22 Units blood (New-2, Fem-4).  camp org at Viswakarma Mandir, Kharida. kvm president satya deo sharma expressed sincere gratitude to  Donors. He said we will org a medical camp also. yesterday SUSHAMAPALLY YOUTH QUIRE


at Malancha  were org a camp where 21 Units blood collected by Jhargram BC. In SAAT MAA PUJA COMMITTEE at Old Settlement  camp collected by Gopiballavpur bc.
kvbdo express our sincere gratitude to all the Donors and Organizer for their positiv efforts.


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