PM Modi worried on increasing corona patient, CM blames central govt for insufficient supply of vaccines


Kiran Behera, Kharagpur: The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi held a virtual meeting with several Chief Ministers of India to discuss the rising cases of Covid19. There could be a massive outbreak if the second wave of Covid cases are not stopped and we need to take quick and decisive action against it; said Narendra Modi. The seriousness towards wearing a mass is overlooked by local administrations and it need to be quickly reviewed and fixed. He added it is
a test for good governance. Mamta Banerjee did not attended the virtual meeting and was seen addressing a public meeting in Jhargram. She said “I want to provide free vaccines to the Bengal
people, but the permission lies in Central Government’s hand”.
As per report there has been almost 10 per cent of wastage of Vaccine in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh. The number of tests need to be increased and Modi put
emphasis on test, track and treating. Lately, it has been seen that people of Kharagpur are not taking the guidelines of Covid19 seriously. At a time when elections are on, people roam around
streets without wearing masks and the chances of contracting the virus increases. It is advised to maintain physical distancing, wearing of masks must be mandatory at every public places and
sanitizing from time to time.
For those who want to get Vaccinated, they have to register themselves on or
go to Aarogya setu app and fill in their details. People above age 60 and people within the age bracket of 45-60 with specified co-morbidities are eligible for Covid vaccine.


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