Maa Kali’s Bhog organized by ignoring lockdown in kharida Organizer released on bail, five hundred people invited


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, In view of Corona, where the  temples are closed all over the country, people are expressing their faith from home, while the businessman living in kharida publicly organized a mahabhog in which five hundred people were invited, however when the police came into action the people fled away, police released him in a personal bond. Gautam Mahant, who works in Golbazar’s gold shop and is associated with land business, organizes Kali Puja for the past many years and feeds thousands of people. This year too, Bhog was organized, but in view of Corona, the event was not postponed. worshiping mother Kali on Monday night, bhog arrangements were made for five hundred people in this afternoon, in which allegedly elite people were invited.


This afternoon, when the high officials of the police got the news the additional SP of Kharagpur kaji samshuddin ahmed arrived with police. people had started eating food, seeing the rage of the police, the devotees thought it was right to return from there. Later, Bhog was divided into the area and in violation of the government directive, the organizer Gautam Mahanta was brought to the police station and later released on a personal bond. TMC Councilor Raju Gupta of Ward No. 19 says that the organizer should have exercised restraint. The matter should not be given political color.


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