youth found corona positive, Police sealed the village


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, A 30-year-old youth found to be Kovid-19 positive in goura village of Daspur ps in West Medinipur district after which the police sealed the entire Gaura village. A youth gold artisan by profession returned home from Mumbai on March 22 and  admitted to Medinipur Medical College on March 28 after complaining of fever and cough, after seeing signs of corona virus in it, the doctors isolated him. Kept in and sent his blood sample to Beliaghata ID Hospital for examination. The investigation report of the youth came on Monday night in which he found Corona positive.


Soon after the police reached Daspur and sealed the entire goura village. police annonced not to move villagers administration will take care of them people to their homes.  a large number of gold artisans from Daspur live in Mumbai and thousands of people have come. the young man sent to  Beliaghata for better treatment.


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