9 Jamaatis sent to Quarantine, visits many mosques of Kharagpur to preach


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, 9 Maulvis, who have joined Delhi’s Merkab Tabligi Jamaat, have been sent to Quarantine by kharagpur local ps. They have taken shelter in many mosques of Kharagpur and preached religion. People are in tense and angry about incident .  policegot secret information several maulvis who joined the Jamaat of Delhi have taken shelter in Satkui Mosque of Kharagpur Rural Police Station, then the police identified a total of 9 people and sent them to Quarantine. Dinesh Kumar, SP, West Medinipur, told that out of 9 people, 7 people were Indonesian and two Indian translators. He said that these people were  investigated and no symptoms of korona have been found so far. These people have been kept in the government quarantine and the govt rules were being followed. These people had joined the Merkab Tabligi Jamaat held in Delhi from 11 to 15 March, they reached Kharagpur on 17 and also went to Bilal Mosque, Baitoon Mosque and inda Idgah Mosque of Kharagpur, followed by Satkui Mosque on 27th.


A large number of corona patients have been found among the people who have joined the Jamaat of Delhi and around ten of them have also died, the main organizer of the Jamaat is missing. It is estimated that after the Jamaat, these people spread to Bihar, mp,Uttar Pradesh, Bengal , Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Telangana and many other states, of which a large number of Bengal is also reported to take shelter.  people are agitated about how these people have moved in different places despite nationwide lockdown. 


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