sermc fed the poors, All bengal sidhu kanhu foundation donated raw foods.



raghunath prasad sahu

kharagpur, As the Lockdown goes on, our efforts to feed the thousand of poor and downtrodden people continue said  Biplab Das Choudhury secy SERMC br-1, open line. He said presence of col. S.K chowdhry honourable CWM/KGP and sri raja WPO/KGP in the prog ,which was organised by sermc near bhandari vehicle showroom, kaushallya rd inspired us .Their patronisation will surely ignite our zeal and spirts further to keep lending our a hands.

All bengal sidhu kanu foundation distributed raw food materials to two hundred people near christopher day school. SDPO,kgp sukamal kanti das grace the prog. foundation  president subhash kumar thakur, secy shankar dey sanjay sharma abhishek roy sunil yande , bablu sharma vijay yadav rinku das and others attended the programme.


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