For resuming the brg factory a meeting on 10th November at DLC office scheduled , suspension of work started since friday


kharagpur, BRG industrial unit-2, at Vidyasagar Industrial Park which had been running under NCLT has been put under suspension of work from yesterday by the Liquidators. 300 workers had been working here. Today morning they found the notice and shouting slogans.


They have been pacified by police at once and they left the place after one hour. kgp local ps oc Md asif sunny said after talking with with District Labour commissioner  a meeting has been fixed on 10th November at DLC office in which labour union and NCLT authority will  participate to make a way to resume the factory. Situation r under control but labourers r anxious for bread & butter. union leader salendra said earlier brg unit 1 were also closed down. brg-2 makes sreel pipelines.


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